Deja Vu Foundry


Deja Vu Foundry is our house brand of spirit and skin care made organic botanical elements grown with the utmost care.

To me, scent has always been the most powerful vehicle to memories.

To protection.

To grounding.

To clearing.

There were sprays on the market, but they didn't smell like anything more than a handful of essential oils- there was no mystery, no soul.

As someone who is completely obsessed with the entire ritual of scent experience, that just wasn't cutting it.

So, made my own.

I would regularly spray my boutique and people would come in and say:

"OH MY GOD...what is that? It smells SO good in here"

I would tell them it was a clearing spray I made and of course that turned into

"What's is a clearing spray?"

And I would have the opportunity to educate them on what smudging traditionally is, how its done, why we do not use certain ingredients like white sage, and why I like to use sprays as an alternative.

Which turned into making them for customers, carrying them in my store, other stores carrying them and finally moving to a farm to take the entire business to another level (and chase chickens).

Because of our deep love of scent, Deja Vu Foundry also collaborates with other businesses and offers custom scent blends, labels, product formulation in addition to what is available through our wholesale and retail offerings.