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I'm Mary- a prop stylist, visual merchandiser & Aesthetic Astrologer obsessed with bridging the gap between products (yes, I make those, too!) and people.

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In a world that proclaims we must be ONE thing vs embrace our multi-faceted nature, this studio serves as an inspiration for other polymaths.

With a background in Visual Merchandising and 10 years as an award-winning lifestyle/ interior design boutique owner, I pull from many sources to create fun, engaging, inspirational content that makes products, people and spaces look and FEEL good.

(the feel good portion is why I developed my own line -Deja Vu Foundry- of energy clearing mists!)

Aesthetic Astrology Mood Boards

A Visual Representation of YOU

Aesthetic Astrology Mood Board is less of a hyper-masculine brand standard guide and more of an energetic signature I “see” when I look at your chart.

I look as specific points in your birth chart that indicate:

- The energetic qualities your soul came here to express

- The energetic qualities that proceed you- AKA your vibe

- Your dominant element (earth, fire, water, air)

- And MORE!

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